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Surviving Distance Learning

Some tips for making learning at home a pleasant experience:
  • Make their learning environment in a room away from distractions such as television.
  • Take learning in small bits of information. Most kids need a gear change after 7-10 minutes.
  • A clear schedule with breaks and free time included. First we do this, then we can do this.
  • Use a point system for breaks, stickers or whatever motivates your children.
  • Teach them hands-on things like cooking, baking, gardening, crafts to break the monotony.
  •  Provide Brain breaks. 
  • Start schoolwork in the morning when kids are sharp. Set small goals (complete 2 assignments, take a break.)
  • When the student isn’t “into it” anymore, rather than argue, create a distraction like: take a walk around the block, walk the dog, etc.
  • Have your kids shower, eat breakfast, and get dressed into clothes, not pajamas!
  • Be flexible. Recess can be longer than 20 minutes!! Enjoy your time together.